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Binaco strives to deliver the highest quality as well as exceptional service at the lowest prices in the market. While we are committed to meet your every need and expectation, we wish to inform you of certain limitations that are inherent within the ad specialty industry.

These terms will govern any orders placed with Binaco; therefore we encourage you to read these terms prior to placing your order. By submitting an order to Binaco, you are hereby agreeing to all the terms and conditions as set forth below.

Not all catalog items include decorations. For items sold with decoration, prices include one color one position imprint or one location laser engraving (if applicable). Additional charges may apply for non-standard imprint locations.


Screen Printing/Pad Printing Spot Colors: 
Setup: $55.00(V) per color/location. 
Repeat orders (applicable only to screen printing/pad printing spot colors): Setup: $27.50(V) per color per position. Orders are considered repeat if placed within a year (12 months).

Full Color/Multi Imprints: $75.00 (V)

Laser Engraving: Setup: $55.00(V) per location.
Product dependent. Please refer to each category for corresponding additional color/location prices.
Add $25.00(V) per color. Provide PMS color desired on purchase order. Exact color match is not guaranteed on all products.
The charge for pre-production is $35.00(V) per color/location, plus screen charge of $55.00(V) per color, plus the cost of the item.
The inclusion of a pre-production sample will add to the turnaround time. Approval of the sample must be submitted in writing.
The charge for pre-production is $120.00(V) per logo plus applicable setup/screen fees of $75.00(V) per color, plus the cost of the item.
The inclusion of a pre-production sample will add to the turnaround time. Approval of the sample must be submitted in writing.
Add $50.00(V). Absolute minimum is 50% of the lowest catalog quantity. Please refer to items directly online for item-specific minimums.
Screen charge of $55.00(V) applies per color
Unless otherwise specified, batteries are not included on most items. Please include batteries on your purchase order with appropriate pricing below:
“AA” Battery: $0.20(V)
“AAA” Battery: $0.40(V)
All ballpoint pens are shipped with black ink refills.  All rollerball pens are shipped with black gel ink refills. For rollerball pen refills: $0.60(V).  Ballpoint refills: $0.45(V) for black or blue and $0.60(V) for gel ink in black or blue. Call factory for more details.
1. R01 -  Gel Rollerball refill (Schneider), available in black or blue.
2. R02 - Gel Rollerball refill, available in black or blue.
3. R03 - Ballpoint gel refill, available in black or blue.
4a. R04 - Parker Type ballpoint refill, available in black or blue. 
4b. R04 - Ballpoint metal refill, available in black or blue. 
5. R05 - Cross-Type ballpoint refill, available in black or blue. 
Random/blank samples are billed at end column price plus freight.  Sample will be shipped within 24 hours if merchandise is available.  Samples are not returnable.
RUSH services are available to most products in-stock items only for those last-minute decisions and emergencies.  Please contact Binaco Customer Service as rush fees apply. All rush orders are subject to the approval of artwork, inventory availability and credit approval.  No paper proofs or pre-production samples are accommodated for rush orders. Orders will ship via UPS Ground unless otherwise specified on the purchase order.  Orders shipping expedited freight must be authorized in writing one day before the scheduled ship date. 
Cancellation fees apply to all RUSH orders canceled as well as restocking fees for work completed up to the time of cancellation.
-The order must be received by 9:00 am PST .
-No paper proof provided.
-One color imprint only.
-Applies to order quantity up to 1,000 pcs.
-Must ship to 1 location.
-No Third-Party Billing.
-Prepaid orders. 
Binaco acknowledges all orders in writing. Any changes to an order must also be acknowledged in writing before proceeding with the order. Orders without pricing will be processed at current pricing. If special pricing is given, it must be stated on the purchase order.


Payment is due in full prior to the commencement of production. Credit card authorization and address verification must be received prior to processing the order form. Credit card payment is subject to a 3% processing fee.
NET 30 days to approved accounts. New customer terms: ORDER MAY REQUIRE PREPAYMENT. A line of credit cannot be established nor can terms be extended without our credit application and the resale certificate is completed, signed and returned prior to shipment of your first order. A 1.5% monthly interest charge will accrue on past due balances. A $50.00 charge will be assessed on any returned checks. Accounts requiring collection will be liable for all associated costs. Distributors on pre-payment and new accounts without established credit must provide a check or VISA or MasterCard with the following information: Cardholder Name, Card Number, Expiration Date, 3-digit Card Security Code (located on the back of the card) and Billing Address. Production time will not begin until the credit is approved.

You will receive an order acknowledgment/prepayment form via email shortly after an order is placed.* For your convenience, an estimated “delivery date” will also appear on the order acknowledgment. Please review the form very carefully to ensure that all the information is accurate. For any corrections or concerns, please call us at 800-660-0968 immediately, so that we may promptly correct any information prior to processing the order.

*Note: If you do not receive the emailed confirmation, please email or you may call us at 800-660-0968. Check your spam or deleted folders to ensure that these important emails are not blocked due to firewalls or spam filters on your computer. We will not be responsible for the failure of any email communication to you either due to incorrectly spelled email addresses, non-working email addresses or spam filters that prohibit our emails from reaching you.
For any corrections or changes that may be necessary on a “normal turnaround” order, please call us at 800-660-0968 immediately. All changes must be made in writing within 24 hours upon receipt of the emailed confirmation. Failure to do so may result in incorrectly printed orders or delays in shipping. Once the order has left the sales department, we will be unable to change the orders. Therefore note that we will not be held responsible for any changes requested after the 24hr period of a signed order acknowledgment.
*Note: NO CHANGES whatsoever will be accepted on 24hr or 3-Day rush orders.
A repeat order may not bear the exact colors as in the “original” order. This is due to several factors relevant to the mixing of screen printing colors. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you send us a sample production from the original order PRIOR to placing the re-order, so that we may ensure a color match. Repeat order setups are valid within one year (12 months) that the original order was placed.
We employ two different methods of screen printing:
The first is a “direct print*” method*, achieved through the use of a “direct print” machine. This process is preferred for up to two-color printing jobs, due to its accuracy and even application. Most one color orders undergo this process. Silkscreen printing is the direct imprinting of a design or copy onto the surface of a product. The image is pressed through tensioned nylon mesh, leaving a paint-like appearance. *

*Note that the printable area on the direct print machine is relatively “smaller” than the printable area of the decal printing process. Therefore please ensure that your logo/artwork will be legible within the specific imprint area of the item that you are ordering. We will not be responsible for any claims due to imprint being “smaller” than you thought or imagined. Imprint size is finite, and the size of your custom order will be governed by the height and width of your specific logo/artwork/text.

The second method is “Decal Printing*”. This 4 color process is sometimes considered more of an art form than a science, as the resulting imprint color is unknown until after the “firing” process. Although the decal printing process is intense and time-consuming, it is the only existing process that enables us to recreate complex, vibrant and multi-colored permanent images through the use of CMYK colors.

*Note: Decal printing also enables us to cover a larger area of the product. However, the application process is “manual” (as opposed to “machine”), so there may be some variations with regards to the placement of the decals onto the wares. These slight irregularities are deemed acceptable within the screen printing industry, and are not to be considered defective or damaged.

**We reserve the right to place our logo on products in the standard imprint locations if no other location is specified on the purchase order.


Debossing adds value and a lasting impression to your brand.  Debossing is a process in which a metal die is created from the artwork provided. The die is then heat-pressed into the material leaving an image of the artwork. This method is used on simulated leather products and other substrates. Add $2.50(V) run charge and $95.00(V) die charge per logo. All direct import orders include debossing as a decoration option with or without foil at no additional costs and size limitations. Minimum quantities apply and are product dependent. Free deboss with direct import orders only.
Builds brand recognition with dimensions and color whether you are looking for a brand identification label for bags or other accessories; Rubber Patches are a unique way to build your brand. The more unique your logo or trademark, the more options available for a unique labeling opportunity. Typically, Rubber Patches are made from PVC or Silicone. PVC and Silicone have plasticizers added to them to make them more bendable and soft, and that makes them more versatile for a number of applications. Minimums apply and production times are 8-10 weeks. No additional charge applies for this decoration technique with direct import orders only. Please submit artwork with the requested size for an accurate price quote.


Laser engraving on metal uses light to burn an image into the item/substrate. It gives your logo a clean and polished appearance. Laser engraving is available on many of Binaco metal items and works best when the item’s surface is a different color than the item/substrate. The imprint color may vary depending on the material of the item. Laser oxidation is also available on items when the surface and the substrate are the same color. The lasered surface turns black if oxidation is selected as an option only on brass items. Laser Engraving setup: $45.00(V) per location.  If pens require oxidation: $0.30(V) per piece. 
Personalization: As an upgrade to laser engraving, items can be personalized. Setup is $45.00(V). The run charge for personalization is $3.00 (V) for 2 words. For more than 2 words, it is $1.50 (V) per additional word. 
Laser Engraving on different materials: 
NOTE: Due to the nature of wood, the engraving results on wood/bamboo will differ from product to product.


Sandblasting is a general term used to describe the act of propelling very fine bits of material at high-velocity to clean or etch a surface.
Personalization:- Up to 2 lines 
 Quantity 1-23 24-99 100+
 Price(V) $10.00 $9.00 $8.00
*Setup of $45.00(V) will be required
*example:        Mike Smith
                 Sales Manager 2018 
Add $8.00 (V) for Sandblasting per location
Add $4.00 (V) for color fill per location
Setup: $45.00(V) per location.
Lead time is 7-10 working days.


An inked image is transferred from a photo-etched plate to a thick, soft, silicone pad. The pad is then pressed against the item. The pad can wrap itself as much as 180 degrees around a small object and ink coverage is excellent. One color is printed at a time and registration between colors is adequate for up to 2 color printing.
Setup is $55.00(V) per color/location.


Satin Etch is the process of imprinting a frost-type color effect on the glass. This exclusive imprint process looks and feels very similar to a glass that has been etched.
This has proven to be our most popular imprint color. Satin Etch is permanent, will never scratch off and is 100% dishwasher safe. Additional Charge: $ 1.00 (V)


Embroidery is the art or handicraft of decorating fabric with a needle and thread or yarn. Embroidery is most often recommended for caps, hats, coats, blankets, dress shirts, denim, stockings, etc.  Embroidery is available with a wide variety of thread or yarn color. Art must be digitized to prepare a tape for embroidery. For most items, embroidery sizes may differ from screen printing. The tape used for other items such as hats or apparel may need to be re-digitized for embroidery on bags or blankets. Call factory for estimated prices for the stitch count.


$100.00(V) up to 5,000 stitches, $20.00(V) each additional 1000 stitches. Minimum Tape Editing: $35.00(V)

Embroidery Run Charge: 

Most items with embroidery options are priced for either 5,000 or 10,000 stitches. For every additional 1,000 stitches over, the run charge is $0.45 net. 


All text should not be less than 1/4” high.


Tajima format is required.


Please specify the Madeira thread color number.


$25.00(V) plus EQP cost of the item, plus embroidery running charges, plus tape charge if the tape is not provided.


$15.00(V) plus embroidery cost, plus tape charge if the tape is not provided.


$6.00(V) per set of initials or first name. The minimum size is at least 1/4” high. The maximum height is 1/2” high. A typed list must be provided electronically or art charges of $40.00(V) per hour apply.


Add $0.15(V) per 1,000 stitches.
Please send your imprint instructions to us immediately. When emailing it to the art department please put the name and order number on the subject line. We will not accept any responsibility for delays in processing an order if we do not receive the artwork in a timely manner.

We require “camera ready” high-resolution artwork so as to meet production timelines. Although we clean up and retouch any artwork/logo received in order to make it print-worthy if you do not provide clean, high-resolution, camera-ready artwork, we will not be responsible for the resulting poor imprint quality.*

*Note that the added work involved in cleaning up any artwork will also add to production time, which may eventually delay the order. We will not accept responsibility for the delayed production on an order when the imprint provided is of poor quality. If artwork requires touch-ups, we reserve the right to modify the artwork and charge accordingly. Artwork will be billed at $40.00(V) per hour. Binaco makes several attempts to contact the customer in the event no artwork/logo is received, therefore, we will not be responsible for the timeline of an order if we DO NOT receive the artwork/logo.
If you are unable to provide vector artwork, the cost for artwork recreation is $25.00 net. The art department will recreate your artwork in vector format. The highest resolution artwork should be submitted. Not all artwork can be recreated. Please email with your artwork, and it will be reviewed. 
Send art to Scanned art must be at 600 dpi or better and all fonts must be included and converted into curves (outlined). A copy of actual artwork is recommended to be attached to purchase order.
A minimum art charge of $15.00(V) applies.
*Black & White camera-ready art
*Four-color process and continuous-tone images with 300 dpi at actual size or higher.
*All fonts (printer and screen) must be included with your file or all text should be converted to outlines or curves.
*Software Applications Files saved in any of the following applications are acceptable: (pc compatible format)
* Photoshop in EPS, Tiff or AI Format in version CS5 and below
* Illustrator EPS, AI, PDF Format in version CS5 and below
* Corel draw CDR Format
* Vector art (eps, ai, cdr, ps)
* rasterize image to tiff, jpeg 300 dpi or higher
We will not be responsible for any missing information on your order form nor for any missing imprint instructions. In order to correctly follow your imprint instructions, we require that all information relating to your ‘artwork’ or ‘logo’ be sent TOGETHER in ‘one’ email. Therefore, if you send your logo in one email, and the text to be ‘included’ with the logo in another email, we will NOT be responsible for putting the two together. Do not send us multiple logos or artwork and assume we will know which one to use. We will not be responsible in the event we pick the ‘incorrect’ logo.
Imprint colors must be carefully chosen. We recommend that you choose light color inks to be printed onto dark color items, as this provides more contrast than a dark colored imprint on a dark-colored item or a light-colored imprint on a light-colored item. For example, if you order brown imprint colors on brown mugs, the imprint would not show up well against the brown background. However, many customers have their own preconceived notions about what looks good and what does not, therefore, we will NOT judge your options NOR will we be responsible for the choice of imprint color(s) that you make.  All standard imprint colors are available, for PMS color match please add $25.00(V) per color. Call the factory for details.

Due to “finite” imprint areas, we reserve the right to resize your logo (imprint instructions) in order to fit it into the imprint area of the item ordered; regardless of what size you submit your imprint instructions or logo.
However, if you specify that you want the imprint to be the same size as the submitted artwork/logo, (providing you request this imprint size on the order form as well as on the artwork canvas itself) we will comply, providing it does not exceed the maximum imprint size of the item ordered.*

In the event you fail to provide us with your 1) FONT choice or 2) IMPRINT COLOR choice, we reserve the right to use Arial font for our default font, and BLACK color imprint for our default imprint color.

Our company supplies the first proof at no charge by e-mail on every order, which must be approved in writing before your order is printed. Please expedite the approval of all fax and e-mail proofs to ensure that your order ships in a timely manner. Any delay in a fax or e-mail approval could delay your order. If another proof is needed due to change of artwork, font color, etc. there is a $15.00(V) charge after the first proof sent.


Communications are sent via email. Please make sure to enter your best contact e-mails when placing your order. Your Proof may be delay if you do not enter a valid contact e-mail address or phone number.

Please note that Proofs are an approximation of what the actual item and artwork will look like after the production process. Proofs are always shown in color via email.  Feel free to send us your logo and we will match the color for you.

*Note: If an order has a specific “in-hands” date, and the proof has not been approved, it may delay production, thus jeopardizing the ship date requested. We will not be held responsible for any resulting delays on these orders.

The standard production time is 7-10 business days after artwork approval and payment. This timeline is also dependent upon the size of the order and/or the complexity of the artwork or process employed. If you have a specific “in-hands” date, please ensure that there is adequate time before you opt for a “normal production” timeline. Blank goods ship in 24-48 hours. Production time is always based upon availability at the time of order and after credit approval.

We offer a 24 Hour Rush (production time only) service as well as a 3-Day Rush (production time only) service. Please call customer service department to make arrangements. Rush service fees may apply.

Product dependent and varies.


All shipments are FOB Brea, California
Orders are prepaid, with shipping charges added. Any air freight shipments must be confirmed in writing via email. 
Collect or 3rd Party Shipments are subject to $5.00(Z) Handling Fee per box.  Accurate "bill to" information is a must and required to avoid Chargebacks.
The distributor is responsible for all Chargebacks. $15.00 (Z) Fee applies.   
Skid Shipments
Where economical, larger orders will be placed and shrink wrapped on a skid for maximum protection. $25.00(Z) per skid will be added to the invoice. 
Split Shipments
When an order is shipped to 2 or more destinations at the same time, a split shipment charge of $15.00(V) will apply. Freight charges are not included.
Drop Shipments
Multiple identical shipments will be processed at the following discount rates:
10-49: $4.00(V)
50+: $3.50(V)
Freight charges are not included. For discounted rates to apply, a DROP SHIP detailed report must be supplied in Excel (.xls) format. Call Customer Service for help.
International Shipments
$25(Z) per shipment. International Shipping Account must be provided. Any chargebacks, duties or taxes may be billed to the distributor for up to 90 days.
All shipments leaving our factory are inspected and signed for by the carrier. Orders are shipped via UPS or FedEx for Ground Shipments and FedEx for airfreight shipments. All shipments, unless otherwise specified, will be sent freight prepaid. We, therefore, reserve the right to collect any balance of costs due upon shipping and reserve the right to ship the best way. Once the order has left the warehouse, Binaco will not accept responsibility for any delays in transit caused by the shipping company. Binaco will not be held responsible either in the event the customer is not available for delivery or the customer refuses deliveryIf a substantially large order requires inside delivery or a residential delivery please specify that information when placing the order. This type of delivery may incur additional charges.


When requesting "Rush Shipping, please note that we reserve the right to rush production (based on overtime/weekend hours) in lieu of using expedited shipping methods, providing that we meet the delivery date.

Although great precautions are taken during the packaging of each order, breakage does sometimes occur during the shipping process. In order to replace any broken and/or damaged products, shipping insurance is added to all shipments. (Replacement orders will be processed within our normal timeline of 5-7 business days plus ground shipping time.) You may opt to pay for rush shipping; however, this insurance will only cover normal ground shipping. Please note that we will require adequate proof for any damage or breakage reported. If replacements or credit has been requested, in some cases, the return of product is a must.

For orders shipping outside the U.S. - INCLUDING CANADA – local duties and/or taxes may be assessed upon delivery. These fees are not charged by Binaco during checkout; therefore please consult your local customs office to determine these charges. We are not responsible for these duties and/or taxes. Note that delivery dates outside of the U.S. are essential “estimates”, and in no event will Binaco be liable for any consequential damages arising from delays in delivery. $30.00(V) if documentation is required. Prices do not include Duties, Added Value Taxes or Customs Fees. These charges are the responsibility of the distributor or the recipient and are due upon receipt. Billing for these charges may be delayed up to 90 days. Binaco cannot guarantee the in-hands date for international shipments due to possible customs and shipping delays.

Binaco begins production on incoming orders almost immediately. Our production line may work up to 7 days a week in order to meet customers’ timelines. The customer must inspect all goods immediately upon arrival and within 7 days of their arrival given written notice to Binaco of any claim. If a customer fails to give notice within 7 days, the customer has accepted and is bound to pay for the goods. Authorization to return merchandise or cancel an order must be obtained in writing and no returns will be accepted on printed merchandise. No phone cancellations are accepted. The customer will be charged all costs incurred until the date of cancellation. Factory will accept returns on blank goods 7 days after receipt of shipment and 15% restock fee applies. All freight cost to customer and back to Binaco will be charged to the customer. Merchandise must be in the original carton and packaging. There will be a 15% re-stocking fee for all returned merchandise. This rule applies to normal production orders only. No cancellations for any rush orders.

The size and liquid capacity noted on each of our products* (for example 16-oz mug) is only an “approximation” and cannot be construed as the exact size or capacity. These indications only serve as generalizations. (Note: We buy all our products blank, therefore we have no influence over the precise "fill capacity" of each item)

We make every attempt to deliver the exact quantity ordered. However, due to manufacturing issues, shipments may have an over-run or an under-run. All orders are subject to a 5% over-run or under-run. For exact quantity orders add $30.00(V) per order.
Note that the products we carry are intended purely as promotional items; therefore products that may have minor visual imperfections should not be considered as defective or flawed items. In the event a ‘product’ defect is identified, we will replace the defected pieces upon inspection of product by factory. Likewise, if an imprint defect is identified, we will replace that portion of the order only upon confirmation of the defect.


All steel and plastic travel mugs, plastic bottles, ceramic mugs, as well as glass products should only be hand washed. It is not recommended to wash these products in a dishwasher as this will promote fading (and gradual loss) of the imprint. We recommend hand washing because the imprint lasts longer. If products are machined washed, imprint fading may occur. Overall we recommend hand washing all drinkware.
Customer warrants that they have the right to use the artwork, logos that are requested to be placed on Binaco products. Customer warrants that it shall defend, indemnify, and hold harmless Binaco and its employees and agents against any claims for damages and costs, including but not limited to Attorney’s fees and costs, in any cause of action including, but not limited to an infringement action as a result of imprinting the artwork.
Fabric dye lots may be inconsistent from lot to lot. Fabric colors are not guaranteed to be colorfast and laundering is not recommended. Binaco shall not be responsible for the inability to ship orders due to any acts of God, due to quota restrictions, clearing through United States Customs, or freight delays. All artwork, designs and trademarks imprinted on the products in this catalog are reproduced only as examples to illustrate the basic product and its ability to include messages and art on them. Products displayed are intended to represent that they are either endorsed or produced for the owners of the artwork, design or trademarks. All artwork displayed is the property of their respective companies. Binaco cannot duplicate any artwork shown for anyone other than the original distributor prices. Due to fluctuating manufacturer costs, prices may change without notice.

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